Pickup lines

How do women wish to be approached and where???

Generally not with "pickup lines" lol. Although maybe some do work idk? Like so corny or dumb that you laugh and then it's easier to talk. But pickup lines aren't something were anybody is like, "I wish I could meet a guy who says this line to me" I think it's more about helping the guy's confidence than something we're really interested in.

But as far as how we like being approached. Well speaking only for myself. The best approach is just come over and start talking. Be friendly and it's a plus if you're funny. The important things are. 1- Be ready to do most of the talking at first, we had no idea you were going to approach us so it's not like we were coming up with things to talk about. It might get awkward if you don't have some things in mind. 2- Pay attention to how we react, smiling laughing looking at you happy to talk is totally different from stone faced looking away barely talking. 3- Nothing pervy (example: a guy approached me one time and mentioned my pants THREE TIMES in like two minutes, translation "I like your butt" translation "I want to hook up" I avoided him after that & warned a friend about him when he talked to her).

If we act like we enjoy talking to you then there's potential to talk again or some other next step, if we act annoyed then I would suggest not pushing it. Hope that helps a little!!


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