Your first orgasm of 2018?

Have you cum yet since the new year started? If you have share!My first orgasm of 2018 was about 3 hours ago from my boyfriend eating me out. Then we fucked and I had my second and third orgasm of 2018 lol

Got eaten out t o orgasm after midnight

Yours sounds more fun than mine. I jilled reading some sexy stories after midnight.

Oh no not the first one!?

Looks like some have already beaten me to it.

(Hmm, there may be an unintended pun there.)

I gave a blowjob about 20 minutes after midnight and didn't have my own orgasm till like an hour later when we really got down to business.

Well it's the Internet so yeah 10 a day!! But seriously, no, I've had sex one time in 2018 and it was good but no orgasm, we only had about half an hour. But I enjoyed it!! And he had an orgasm obviously.

Yeah, I gave a blowjob at the stroke of midnight, then had my own orgasm when we fucked soon after

While masturbating to lesbian porn in the afternoon 3 days ago

Im with Envy on this... But I made my new years night pretty more special... I? was spending the evening with my Mom, but at 11.30pm I pretended I feel myself very tired, weak and faint, so I said 'goodnight' and went in my room. After locking my door I quickly got naked, popped into my bed, and started watching some of my favourite porn and started jilling... My plan was to say 'goodbye' to 2017 with a desperate edging session and to greet 2018?with an instant orgasm in the first seconds of?the new year. But the realization was not as easy as I hoped...
At around 23:45 I started edging myself, at 23:50 I wanted to cum veeery badly... The crazy and thrilling situation drived me crazy, I think... I got sooo much turned on, I felt my whole body tingling, my skin was everywhere oversensitive, and my clit was absolutely in "royal spirits" as she sends electric shockwaves through my stomach ang legs with every single circle I made on her.
At 23:55 I just wanted to die, I needed to have an orgasm sooo badly. Somehow the force was with me and I could be managing the last five, veeery torturing minutes without cumming, although the edging waves were rolling over my trembling body again and again...
At 23:59 I decided to counting down and whisper the numbers during the last 20 seconds of the year. I made a circle on my burning clit to every number and I felt I was just before the point of no returning before an orgasm. So I had to stop the cirkling for some seconds to escape a little from that point... But at number 5 I just started rubbing my clit fast and furiously, and the feeling of the last building up was so amazing I accidentaly closed my eyes,,, As I left the point of no returning I opened my eyes again? and I saw it was 00:00:01... 02... 03... aand then my Orgasm arrived... Perfect timeing... It was soooo good... I needed to hold myself back from sceaming and moaning. Especially because of my mom who was coming up before my room and knocking on the door right then. She whispered something like that: "Deary,? its mindnight now. Are you ok?" As I hear this, my pussy was still pulsing and my heart beating like crazy... I didnt want to care with her words right then... Some seconds later she left and I was lying on my bed deep in my sweet afterglow, really satisfied and very happy... After two or three minutes lying I realized what I just made minutes ago, and I needed to laugh... Then I whispered to myself smiling: "yes Mom, I do know we left Midnight and now?its 2018... Me, my pussy and my whole body got to know of arriving the new year."
After some more minutes I started a new, but more longer jilling session... :D
Sorry about that. This was very roundabout... :/

Well I suddenly have to go do something


me too)


i think I?ll be reading Niky?s post again later on tonight. I just HAD to read this on a school night when I was planning to go to sleep early. Guess that won?t be happening. 😊

As for my first of 2018, it was the morning of New Year?s Day. I was in bed and didn?t want to get up. I got hot during the night and took off my top, so I woke up topless and for whatever reason I was turned on from the sheets and cool air in the house rushing over my nipples. So I just started feeling them and one thing led to another and after 10 minutes or so I had a pretty decent, but not mind blowing, orgasm.?

Lol there is much better erotic fiction online, just use googlr

Oh fuck off

Well January 8!! I guess I come in last here!! (:


Slacker :P

Oops, I didn't keep track! (Silly me!) Anyway, I've kinda been doing it all along. The first was probably a day or two into the year. Just masturbating as usual.


hehe you horndog, sis. <3 Btw I'm not ignoring your message. I'll message you back later tonight. 😊

my first masturbation in 2018 , were 3 day after new year?

Mine was just at midnight.? Parents were throwing a party and me and my boyfriend snuck downstairs in the laundry room.? He promised that he would get me off and he soo did.? Now I wonder how he learned how to do it.? He said it was the first time he did it. Yeah I returned the favor. :)


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