bad sex?

Just wondering if anyone has ever had a partner that was just exceptionally bad in some way? if so did you continue on with them and try to work on the issue or just opt to part ways?

My latest partner cannot last no matter what we do, he really really tries to make it up in other ways, but sometimes I really miss? PIV sex that lasts longer than 45seconds.?

One was way too passive. I ended up hating him for no good reason. On paper he was the ideal BF and my parents liked him but he drove me up the wall. It was kind of dysfunctional. I stayed with him until we graduated high school then broke up using college as an excuse though he was going to college half an hour away. I wanted to scream at him, actually a couple of times I did scream at him, "tell me yes or no, not maybe" things like that. But it wasn't a lack of skill per se it was more his personality.

Yeah, my first boyfriend (whom I lost my virginity to) wasn't horrible or bad per se, but what I would call extremely average. He would try and act all frisky and aggressive during foreplay, but he had a really powerless stroke. He acted like he knew what he was doing but he never did. I never came anytime he fingered me, went down on me, or during penetrative sex. Along with that, he NEVER shaved or trimmed his pubes and they were excessively long & got in the way of a lot


Oh wow! that definitely sounds annoying on all fronts. I can relate on the pube thing, nothing ruins the moment like getting one in your mouth!


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