Friends with benefits? Fooling around? I honestly don?t know anymore

Okay I'm a freshman in high school, I?m on the older side I?m 15 already weve been in school since August and I?ve had a crush on this guy since then. I met him this year, we got close as friends and we had always teased eachother about hooking up... kidding of course...until recently. We stayed up talkimg on the phone till 12 and then texted until 2. I told him I would give him head on his birthday and he said he would return the favor if I wanted. So he wants to have sex, he told me we wanted to lose his virginity to me. I wouldn?t mind losing it to him. Considering I almost lost it to a 17 year old when I was 14. He?s really nice and I told him I was afraid and he just continued to tell me he wouldn?t make me do anything I didn?t want to and that he would be gentle with me. I trust him so I agreed and we?ve been trying to figure out where but we can?t figure it out between school and we both play sports. He seems to know what he wants but I?m not so sure. I don?t know what I should do. So...
1) how do we figure out where to do it
2) how do I prepare myself (grooming, etc.)
3) what should I expect
Thanks in advance for any advice... I need it

I think a more important question is why do you want your first time to be with a friend with benefits, rather than part of a long-term committed and loving relationship? ?

Well don't be scared. It's pretty easy and simple and normal really.

Prepare by getting some birth control. Birth control rreally does work if you use it.

Condoms and contraceptive foam combination works great. (e.g. Delfen.)

What to expect? Keep in mind, men love sex! ThereThere is no such thing as bad sex when you're a man. Any sex is good sex for him!

So don't worry about "performing". The less you think and worry about it, the better it is.

Expect to have a good time. Then expect to wonder, " Was that it? No fireworks? Nothing bad happened?"?

You'll be fine.?

Best Wishes!


Hi Allie.? If you really want to experience your first time with this guy, make sure you have protection.? But maybe, do oral first...

If you both want it, and you feel you are ready, then go for it.
1) You will obviously need time where you are both free, and you will need somewhere private. It could be one or the others' home when alone.
2) I usually keep myself trimmed up down there. You don't have to shave, though most do...
3) Other than the usual stuff to expect when losing your virginity (you'll see it anywhere you search), he may expect you to try sucking on his penis (a blowjob). Talk to him about it first.


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