I've noticed a lot of girls who are straight are into lesbian porn. Seems like all girls am I right? And some I've seen even have fooled around with other girls. I personally never have but want to.?

And don't you think it's hot when a guy has tons of girls who like him? It's always better that way. So I was thinking having other girls in a relationship with a guy might be kind of fun? Anyone else have a fantasy like this??

Let me know <3

Lol ironic username, also guys aren't allowed on here. ?Trolololol,lolol, lol, lol.


also guys aren't allowed on here

Not true



We aren't exclusively for girls but if you do see one (or anyone for that matter!) making creepy posts of violating any of our Community Guidelines please let me know!


Your second paragraph doesn't make sense to me. Like a threesome??


I mean arent they more attractive when other girls want them?

I could have sworn I already replied to this, maybe there are two of the same thread in different parts of the board??

Anyway. This is something I fantasize about pretty often. As far as physical aspects it would be best of both worlds. And there would always be something interesting to do. Even if one person was asleep or away there's the other person. Plus (assuming the girl is a good friend) you are always around your friend, you can dress together, you'll always have the guy in common to talk about etc. So it could be great in many ways.

But taking it from fantasy to reality, I think I would have a lot of jealousy issues tbh. I would want it to feel like it was my relationship with the guy and she was an add-on, which I know isn't fair but that is what I'd want. If I ever felt like it was her relationship with the guy and I was the add-on I think I would have a meltdown and the whole thing would end badly. So unless there's a girl out there willing to be my doormat forever lol.

If I were single I would be willing to try a threesome as long as I knew the girl already and was a little comfortable with her, but I would not be willing to add a girl to my existing relationship because of the fears I just described. However in fantasy terms yes it's very hot. I have thought about if we could have basically a one night stand with another girl joining us but I'm afraid it would get more complicated than that so I doubt we'll actually try it. But we have joked (?) about me approaching another girl and inviting her, we had a girl picked out to invite but I chickened out, we were joking anyway I think.

You replied to this already because this person is a fake and they posted the same exact post word for word in another category. That's all this site is nowadays and it blows me away how everyone thinks these are real girls posting these posts

Sammy I don't think anybody thought this was a girl we were responding to. But at this point I'd rather reply even to some guy hoping to get a thrill than reply to the A Foreign Affair spammers lol.


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