Neck grabbing

So i've been hanging out with this guy and when we start making out i noticed that he'll grab my face or my neck to pull me closer. At first i thought it was kind of weird bc i've never had a guy grab me by my throat while kissing but it's not in a rough way like he's trying to choke me it's more gentle not that i don't like it i love it i think it's such a turn on but i just wanted to know what does it mean when a guy grabs you by your neck while kissing?

He is probably just really into you.

Just enjoy it! I don't think it has any deep hidden meaning. Well maybe he's expressing a little dominance. But mainly he's probably just realy into kissing you and is looking for the best spots for kisses.

yeah it's an expression of dominance. I love it as well

If he's just putting his hand there then I'd say it's innocent and he's just being passionate. If he's squeezing then it might not be okay?

Well she said it's gentle and not rough. Yeah if he's strangling you that is a warning sign lol.

When making out, guys are different but a lot of guys (the ones I prefer making out with) will do little things like this. Turn your head for no apparent reason just to show he can or supposedly so he can kiss the other side of your neck or under your ear. His hand on your forehead so you can't easily move your head while he kisses you. Or hold your hand down while kissing you or whatever. For the most part I just lay there and let him do his thing. I guess I am lazy.

May be a kind of dominance, I would love it but you can always cross upon if you are not comfortable.

If you both have an understanding and it doesn't go too far, it sounds like it could be a fun way to play around.


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