I lost my virginity to a much older man - am I a bad person?

I had sex for the first time with an older man this weekend - he's 64 and I'm almost 21. Is this inherently a bad thing? Am I a bad person? It was consensual, of course, and he used protection and didn't cum inside me.... I just feel sorta like garbage because I told one of my friends and her reply was "does his dick even work?"?

I just love older men and I only see myself involved with older men.

If you?re okay with it then that's all that matters, but that age gap is much too far in my opinion. I mean what would you have in common besides sex? It just seems like he's using you as a conquest.?

no, you're not a bad person...and your friend is an idiot.? There are plenty of older men who still have what counts in bed, and many fo them are probably better than younger guys...since they have more experience.


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