I lost my virginity to a much older man - am I a bad person?

I had sex for the first time with an older man this weekend - he's 64 and I'm almost 21. Is this inherently a bad thing? Am I a bad person? It was consensual, of course, and he used protection and didn't cum inside me.... I just feel sorta like garbage because I told one of my friends and her reply was "does his dick even work?"?

I just love older men and I only see myself involved with older men.

If you?re okay with it then that's all that matters, but that age gap is much too far in my opinion. I mean what would you have in common besides sex? It just seems like he's using you as a conquest.?

no, you're not a bad person...and your friend is an idiot.? There are plenty of older men who still have what counts in bed, and many fo them are probably better than younger guys...since they have more experience.

I have seen many of my friends, they are into older man. There is nothing wrong in that as far as you both did willingly.?

I don't understand how anybody could feel like they are a "bad person" for fucking an older man.? You choose who you want to fuck, and you deal with the consequences, as you do with any choice you make in life.

Personally, I've fucked a few older men, and it was (3 out of 4 times) great.? As in anything else, age is just a number and it really wasn't that different.? However, there were 2 factors that made it kind of extra-hot for me.

First, the fact that they were (sort-of) close to being old enough to be my dad made it kind of hot in a taboo kind of way.? We shouldn't have been fucking, but we were.? That was kind of hot.

Second, the fact that I was around 20 years junior to the dude made me extra-hot for him!?? He thought I was the last young one he was ever going to get, and (in most cases) he put in some extra effort to please me and prove to me that he was still sexually viable.? I'm talking about being played with, being eaten by a guy with a lot of experience and something to prove (effort!).? Young guys are hot, but they're more into the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am kind of thing.? Older guys really know what they're doing, really appeciate young women, and put in some effort because of the reasons I've just discussed.

In my last apartment complex, there was kind of a hot older (40-ish) guy across the hall and a door down.? He was divorced, and the father of 3 kids.? The wife got the house and the kids, and he had custody of the kids on the weekends.? I flirted with him whenever I saw him in the hallway, and I could tell he kind of liked it, although he was trying to act like he didn't, so I knew he wasn't a pervert.

Eventually, after enough encounters at the mailbox and hallway, I invited him in for a glass of wine, which he reluctantly (I had to keep trying) agreed to, one night.? I came on to him big-time, and although he was a little reluctant, he gave into my sexy spell.? He knew all of the right moves to get me even further into the mood, and we had mind-blowing sex, several times.? Later, he told me that he'd been taking Viagra, which kind of explains some things I was wondering about.

I met his wife (she was a really nice-looking blonde older woman) when she was dropping off the kids one Friday, and she had no idea how hard I'd been fucking her ex-husband, which I kind of liked to think about and tell him about.? It was kind of hot.? I'm not sure if she suspected or not, but when she saw how friendly her ex and I were, I think she might have thought about it.? My thinking about her thinking about it made it kind of extra-hot.

I got a new boyfriend (yes, close to my age only a couple years older) and moved on to a new place, and I haven't seen that guy in years and don't know what ever happened to them.? But don't hesitate to have an affair with an older QUALITY man.? I don't mean a creepy old bastard, but an older man who is decent, kind, and attentive.? The ones that resist my come-ons were the best quality.? The one that's ready to fuck at the drop of a hat are disgusting and creepy.? The ones that make me put in some work (resisting, although I knew they'd like to fuck me) turned out to be some of the best lovers I've ever had in my life.? Just writing about this makes me want to have my clit licked again by the dad across the hall!? I'm going to fire up my Hitachi now.? Cheers!

I don't see anything wrong with having sex with an older man. You're not a bad person for doing it, and he's not a bad person for 'being old'. I mean, what of it? You both connect on whatever emotional or physical level you need to satisfy each other. What more does anyone need? He obviously showed responsibility in using proitection and not even cumming inside you, so I wouldn't just assume he's some scumbag adding a meaningless notch on his bedpost. Why should you feel like garbage because someone asked if his dick even worked? Obviously it did work, so let everyone else have their narrow view of what's acceptable and what isn't. There's no rule book that I know of. I love older men.


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