Big dick problem?

My bf has a huge dick. I haven't had sex in a while, and we just started to have sex (like its happened only twice), nor am i experienced in that department, but he is. It is not enjoyable for the both of us as i don't let him go to far in because it hurts (feels like i have to pee, and he hits my cervix sometimes). He said it is really upsetting him and i dont know what to do. I dont want to break up because of this, will my body adapt? Anything i can do to overcome the sensation of wanting to pee? Or things in general that would make sex more enjoyable?

Sounds like an issue I had when I first started having sex with my previous partner (to give you an idea, he was average length, yet girthy.)

The vagina, in its unexcited state, is collapsed within itself, pretty much like a balloon. with enough practice, the vagina does adapt to being penetrated and, while the vagina does stretch and accomodate, it only goes so far (on average, maybe 7 inches? depends on the woman)?

Describing the sensation as wanting to pee leads me to believe that he's directly hitting the right spots, but you're getting discomfort from it rather than pleasure. How much foreplay is involved, and how much does it turn you on? The more turned on you are, the easier penetration is. You may have to engage in a lot of foreplay beforehand, or maybe just make out longer before anything else.

I am curious about his reaction to only the first two times you attempted sex. I'd assume if he's as experienced as you mention and also assuming when you say he has a "huge dick," his penis is significantly larger than the average male, he probably shouldn't be "really upset" about it, since he probably encountered this dilemma before, but I digress.


I've been thinking the same! I feel as though i need to be more aroused during sex as well, which im not! We makeout for like 2 minutes, he goes and grabs a condom, and he fingers me for like 2 more minutes till im "ready", and *tries* to rub my clit once in a while but does nothing else (neck kissing, etc).?Thank you so much, I'll def try and talk to him about it. He's length is about 7.3 so I'd assume that he has encountred it too with his previous partners, but maybe they were more expreienced than i was so it might not have hurt them at first.?


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