If I?m dating someone and have a firends with benefits with someone else, does that mean I have committment issues?

Yup, pretty much. You should probably pick one or the other. But I'm not a good judge of these things so take it as you wish.

maybe at the moment, yes. If it hasn't been discussed previously, that's cheating

does the person you're dating know that he is not the only one?

It could mean a lot of different things none of which are good imo, if the person you are "dating" thinks it's a serious relationship. If that's a casual no strings attached situation then whatever I guess! But then it's basically just FWB with two different people. In the long run I don't think FWB ever works but, JMO!! Good luck!

One is about commitment and the other is just casual sex. You have to decide what you really want, but you can't really have both, they will not co-exist.

It doesn't have to mean commitment issuses. If you're not ready to settle down with "the one" then its best to explore your options, which is what youre doing. No problem there :)

Well maybe think about it this way... if you were in a committed relationship with someone, and then find out he/she also has a "friends-with-benefits" thing going with someone else, how would you feel?

Not, a double dating person personally, I think one should be involved with another person if they are together


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