Would You Pose Nude & Have The Pics......

posted on the Internet knowing guys will be jerking off to them?


nah m8

No way ,I wouldn't give them the pleasure.

Hell no

If I could control the pictures used and make it so I couldn't be recognized, to be honest I would consider it if there was some reason like if I got paid for it. But definitely not if I either showing my face was a requirement or if I wasn't the one choosing pictures so I couldn't control if something that would identify me got in. And I wouldn't do it for fun there would need to be some reason for me to do it. Also this may sound weird but, while dating someone I doubt I'd do it even in that limited way, it would feel like cheating somehow?

Hell no. I only send pictures like that to a person I trust, I don't like posting them online.

nude pics of me just scare the crap out of me, so i don't take them. there's so many ways they can get outt of control, even if you and the person you're sending them to are 100% trustworthy. i dunno who, because i've done some really dumb things in my time, but this is one thing that i've always been too afraid to do.?

I'd NEVER send nude pics! People you trust today may change tomorrow, but the internet is forever and there's nothing that's going to stick with you like nude pictures that you wish would go away.

I do want to clarify, the way I worded what I said before is really critical in my mind, I would need to review and be able to veto pics and my purpose in doing so would be to make sure I could not be identified.

On the broader topic of letting boyfriends have nudes. That is something that can really burn you (I have been very affected by this) and you shouldn't let guys control nude pics of you unless maybe it's a really solid relationship and even then maybe not!! And if you feel like it's necessary to maintain a relationship (for example a distance relationship) I would still try to keep it as tame as possible to limit how embarrassing it might be in the wrong hands.

But in my mind the issue is "will my parents see them, will an ex show them to a new BF to make me look slutty, will someone print one out and staple it to a board outside my dorm" all of which comes down to, does anybody know it's me. If I could make it so the picture was simply "female body" I wouldn't really care what some guy did to it looking at it online, as long as it didn't trace back to me. That is the distinction I was trying to make!!

Shelly you also want to be sure there?s nothing else distinctive on your body in the pictures that can trace them back to you. That?s part of the reason I don?t like tattoos. I know that?s a silly reason not to get a tattoo when the easiest solution would be to just not take pics in the first place, it?s just that it?s one more thing for people to ID you by.?

I have never posted any nudes on the internet, but I have sent many to some online friends both males and females. When I send pictures I make sure that no one could trace back those pictures to me. I don't really mind if guys and girls masturbate over the pictures, even I find that a? thrilling and that's why I sent them. Once I saw some of my pics on Tumblr, but someone else has posted those pics.?

I thyink it would be fun to post n ude pics, but I still wouldn't do it cuz I wouldn't want to put something out there that I can't take back.

No. Just no.

Never, infact i had one bad experience, where my boyfriends phone was lost, and I was shit scared coz they were having many of my nudes. So far have not come across any such embarrassing incident, lucky.

I wouldn't mind guys jerking off to nude pictures of me, but I wouldn't want those kinds of pictures out there because they'd never go away and I'd always be wondering when and whetre they'd show up next.?


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