Gay !! Need friends

Hi everyone my name is trevor i know this all for girls only but im gay teen its kind of a secret my family and friends wont understand. I need friends and people i can talk about in terms or realtionships sex anything i just want friends who i can talk to as me. Im 15, live in florida and im a freshman at high school. I hope everyone will give me a chance.

Hey welcome :)

Heartiest welcome to you.

Hi welcome, it used to be for girls only, but at this point the board is mostly taken over by "A Foreign Affair" spammers and World Cup spammers anyway so I'm just happy to see anything from a real person.

Lot of them went to the new forum.

welcome! I'm new here too!! btw I'm a girl and I'm straight and I've always wanted a guy best friend that's gay lol but hmu if you wanna talk

Hi Trevor,?

This group now, is more open for boys too. I guess they were not able to filter out. However, you as far as you respect everyone and their opinion you are more than welcome. :)


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