substitute Teacher

So i just had to share this. We have had a substitute gym teacher and he is so hott!!! And idk if he has a big dick or if hes just hard but i can always see the outline of his dick from his gym pants and it gets me so wetttt... anyone else have a sexy teacher.

*side not i also love to tease him wearing shorts or a long v neck tee shirt and i know i have caught him watching lol anyone else try something *

It's okay to have fantasies, but don't jailbait your teachers.

No trust i have seen plenty of that stuff on tv

I agree with Rira, flirting back is gross. He's an adult and could be married.

You right thats why it was only once i dont plan on doing it agian but it wasnt only for him it was also for a few cute boys in class

Well I agree it's RIGHT not to flirt with teachers but, you are not the only one to do it lol. I definitely (obviously) flirted it with one in 10th grade, and I could tell he liked it but nothing happened. And I "kind of" flirt with other teachers frequently (more like brown nosing, not open obvious flirting). From doing both, my advice is, it isn't worth it to actually openly flirt, you don't actually want anything to happen with a teacher, it would lead to a lot of problems, and if you're trying to stand out to help grades, regular brown nosing works just as well. (Yes, I am "that girl" who sits in front, raises her hand all the time, volunteers for little projects, hangs out after class to ask questions, etc and guess what it works, I am not a genius but I get great grades)

Thanks shellyB glad im not alone and no i would never let anything happen.

It's fun to look but don't touch! That could open some floodgates you can't close. But yeah, sometimes a little window shopping never hurts when it's kept to just that.


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