Does my physiotherapist fancy me?

So girls...
i'm not sure if my physio is hitting on me or if im reading way to into this.?
He seemed fine until he saw me go into the gym and then dropped me a message saying he was impressed that i was at the gym on a friday night and was very chatty through the messages which led for him to say he was hoping to see me there in the morning. A few days later we got chatting again via message and he said he was gutted he wasnt at the gym sunday night as he normally goes as i was there. I have my sessions with him Tuesdays and he teases me about a few things and then basically arranged to see me at the gym sunday, when i left the centre he also stared until i was out of his sight, i evene turned around to see if he was looking and he was and smiled back. Today (thursday) i see him in the gym and he's with a client, he turns around and says a quick hello and then comes over and has a quick chat. The eye contact is unreal and i cant stop thinking about him. I'm 21 and hes about ten years older... would he fancy someone a lot younger than him? am i reading into this a bit too much??

Yes I think it's a really good bet that he likes you. Do you like him? The age difference would be difficult but, it works for some people so I guess it depends on the two people involved what they want out of life. For example if he is thinking like, date six months get married have kids in two years vs you are thinking, no plans travel have fun build a career. You might not be compatible in that sense but otherwise there's not really a reason it can't work. JMO!!

By the way when I was reading your post I was wincing the whole time imagining you were like 14 years old lol. I was really relieved to see your ages!!


Haha no deffo not 14! But yes, I am starting to develop some feelings there, I can't stop thinking about him and it's really driving me mad! The worst part about it is i have a boyfriend but our relationship isnt really going that well at the moment, this whole situation isnt helping it haha.


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