I feel too young and nervous...

So I think I'm about to start my first proper relationship - I'm 15.
My best friend had a bf who she did stuff with (BJ etc) and I know my bf wants that, but I'm too nervous.
I also think I'm too young - my mum has always been very protective of me and I feel like I'd let her down if I did anything, however I think I should be exploring new things as I'm only young once and there is no way I'd have actual sex until I'm at least 16 anyway. I'm not sure what to do, but I really want a close relationship with him.
Any advice?

I'd wait till I was 100% certain it's what you want to get into. Once a guy gets a taste of sex he's gonna want it a LOT. I did one thing ever with a girl pal of mine and I regretted it a lot because we were too young and it just wasn't right. You're only young once but once it's over it's over. I wouldn't be in too big a rush to get intimately involved. You can still have a close relationship without going too far. If he isn't cool with that than he's only in it for one thing and that kind of guy is to be avoided.

Do what you want to because you want to, not because you think everyone else is doing it, or you think you should be experienced in certain things already. If you're too nervous or don't feel ready, then don't do it. Also remember that you have a right to say no anything you don't want to do.

Wait, 'thinking about starting my first proper relationship' and you are ALREADY thinking about sexual acts?! ?Putting the cart before the horse a bit there.

You should get into a relationship because you have a genuine friendship and closeness with a guy/girl, not just to say 'I have a partner'.

Secondly, I personally wait around 4-6 months before starting Anything sexual more than making out. ?Get to know someone first, enjoy dating and being together, don't just make it all about sex. ?Sex will come in time if it is right, and you'll have your own feelings on when you are ready to take that next step. ?In a relationship I know people who start saying 'I love you' straight away, and others who start having sex long before they know whether they are in love or not. ?In my opinion both are foolish.

Unless you are dying soon of some horrible disease, you have time! ?You are 16! ?You have 84% of your life ahead of you! ?Don't rush into hasty hormone driven mistakes. ?And remember, no contraception is 100% effective.


if you're nervous, don't do it.? and don't let your bf pressure you into anything either, you won't enjoy it as much.


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