messing around with family

i'm an only child and for all intents and purposes i have no cousins. i've seen a few posts on here that have kind of got me thinking and i'm just trying to work a few things out in my head and like wrap my mind around some stuff.?

anyhow i hope this survey is okay and that this is the right place to put it. please only answer if you have had relevant experience with this. i'm not interested in people's personal stance on the matter unless it's due to experience, and anyone who is brave enough to share shouldn't be scrutinized.?

anyhow, here it is. obviously keep your answers adhering to the rules. from what i understand, that means answering the question is okay but telling a story is not. also, if it helps in your answers, i'm more interested in the actual feelings and motivations, not what happened in and of itself. that's more just for context.?

have you ever masturbated in front of a sibling or cousin? if so who?

have you ever done something sexual with a sibling or cousin? if so who and what?

if you did something, how old were you when it happened? how old were they??

if you did something, did you do it because no one else was available to you at the time? if so did you stop once other partners became available??

if you did something, what were your motivations? was it sexual desire, or curiosity/to learn, or just to help them out, some combination of these or something else??

was it a one time thing or ongoing??

do you regret what happened? why or why not??

did you have romantic feelings for them or develop them at any point because of this??

has it changed your relationship? if so how?

thanks for taking the time to answer my questions?


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