Should I Shave My Public hair?

Recently a guy I have been dating went down on me, and he was surprised that I had pubic hair. He said all girls hes ever been with shaved or waxed down there, and he did not like hair. Am I alone here on not shaving or waxing? I shave the top part and part of my inner legs just so there is not so much around, but I only trim most of it. I enjoy oral sex and if this is whats expected of women, I feel I should do it. My exboyfriend hardly ever went down on me and he never mentioned my public hair. Want to know your thoughts!

Lots of guys expect girls to shave. At the end of the day it is your decision.

if this is whats expected of women, I feel I should do it.

uhhhh no. Anything you do with your body is because you want to, not because it's expected of you.

Now with that being said, there's nothing wrong with preferences at all. Adding Oral to the mix however, kinda changes things up. BUT, there are still guys (and idk maye some girls too) that are totally fine with just, diving right in lol.

Before becoming sexually active, I stuck with the saying of "don't complain about my situation (regarding down there) and I won't complain about yours." And that... actually still rings true for the most part. But, once you've gone down on someone and a srand of their pubes manage to tickle the back of your throat in the most unpleasing manner, it puts a lot into perspective. Now, if it comes up in conversation, I tell my partners that I prefer them trimmed at the very least, but whether or not they do is up to them.

Girl! Don't?feel like any guy is allowed to tell you how your body is supposed to look! It's about your comfort and what makes you feel good. Don't feel pressured to remove your hair, if he is being a bitch about it, dump his ass he ain't worth it!


If a guy tried to tell me to shave, I'd tell him to go down on someone else cuz this little joy factory is CLOSED! I have a natural full bush and I will not shave it for anyone. I buzz around the bikini lines but that's it. There's nothing wrong with a natural bush and no one ever thought there was until pornography made it into a fashion that everyone seems to follow. When you consider it, porn makers have their performers shave because it shows more and therefore must be 'more dirty' and is just a stupid male perception that subtlety has no place in sex. That kind of thinking is insecure and ignorant. If anyone chose to shave because they themselves made the choice according to their own likes, that's the way it should be. But don't let someone else tell you what you should do. If a guy isn't grateful he's getting some, he shouldn't be getting any.

I have done it different ways but, if not shaved all the way, I keep it short and trimmed down to a small area. I will consider what my boyfriend prefers. To me there are pros and cons, I probably prefer having short trimmed hair vs being completely bare mainly because completely bare could be embarrassing with like nurses or doctors, but I don't feel strongly about it. So if he feels strongly about it I'll probably do what he prefers. There is a little adjustment time if you either start shaving completely bare, or let it grow back out, where it feels weird but you adjust pretty fast. I would not feel good about it getting really long at all or anything like that, if I have it at all it is groomed pretty close. JMO!!

i like to style personally but its your choice.

it doesn't matter what anyone else likes or does, only you can decide what is best for you, and it may not be the same all the time... just have fun exploring. The best bit is, it will grow back, so you can make many choices and see how it feels, it's just like a hair cut!

I used to shave in the past, but I stopped shaving five years ago. And my boyfriend actually prefers it hairy. I trimmed my bush and I shaved my lips a couple of times and although he liked the change, he still prefers the full bush. He never complained that it would make oral sex more difficult.

I think pubic hair is beautiful. It shows a girl is mature and not a child. If a guy doesn't like what he gets down there maybe he shouldn't be getting anything at all.

^ exactly this

I wouldn't shave it for anyone else. I'd only do it if I wanted to, which I doubt I ever would.

I have never been with a boy or done anything like that, but in my opinion you should do what you prefer for yourself. I don't think anyone has the right to tell you which way to go. Just like I don't think I have the right to expect someone else to be natural, trimmed, or clean.


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