Losing your virginity

I've been trying to have sex with my boyfriend for the past few months, but I'm very sensitive and can't seem to have sex with him. I'm so tight that he could barely even finger me. It feels like something is pinching me down there and like it won't fit. Tensing up from the fear of him hurting me also doesn't help. We've used lube before, I've tried to relax and everything, but still having issues. I feel like I've tried everything and both of us are starting to get really disappointed every time we try and it doesn't happen now. I'm wondering if I should just try to get through the pain and get it over with... Any suggestions? :/?

There's really not anything else to suggest beyond what you've already done.? Even when you relax and use lube, it's STILL going to most likely be painful or at least very uncomfortable at first.


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