Preparing for Sex

Hey Girls

whats everyone's go to tips and tricks for preparing for sex?

grooming, diet, clothing etc 💜

taking a shower lol

No dieting for me being pregnant. Clean and smelling good, watching porn sometimes, tight tops that compliments my bump and boobs.

First and foremost I want to be squeaky clean. And also any grooming I need to do, I want to be done. It is possible you could end up with a guy resting his face on your, pick a body part, like your thigh for 15 minutes or he might get obsessed talking about and looking at your shoulders or arms during a backrub or whatever you can't predict so I want to be ready for surprise inspections lol.

Second I would try to dress for it in some way, it depends on the situation like, if we're going out and I think it might end in sex later vs if we're already planning to sleep together so I'm just hoping for or expecting sex when I'm getting ready for bed. But what all situations have in common is I think a lot about being inviting to touch like, soft fabrics and I want my curves to be on display, and as much skin as fits the situation (and the climate lol I get cold easily). I want him to have trouble keeping his hands off me.

Past that I just let nature take its course pretty much!!


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