What to do if you want to experiment with a girl (just to try it)?

Yo! ?So don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be rude?but I can't be a lesbian...I love dick way too much.? But I'd love to try it with a girl. ?Just on that rare occassion when "the dirtier, the better". ?It looks like so much fun and so hot and creamy on a... well you get the point. ?

Honestly, I'd try every kind of sex just to try it once, but in the end I know what'll be my favorite. ?So how do I find someone (or something?) to try it with? ?I've tried it twice with two different girls online. ?The first one I ended up falling asleep on, the other bored me so bad I had to duck out. ?(Is this a sign that I'm just not made for lesbian sex?!) ?I mean it looks like so much fun in porn! ?(So creamy and hot...) But irl idk if I'll end up liking lesbian sex anyway...

Any comments? Suggestions? ?(I'm new so please don't judge me, I really don't enjoy people getting mad at my legitimate questions, because seriously, what girl hasn't wondered at least once what it'd be like to have sex with another girl!?)

well frankly, I wouldn't base all you experiences on just two other girls online. Even despite the anonymity of it all, not many people can cyber very well. If you haven't tried t already, my suggestion would be to get to know a girl a little bit more, to try and get a gauge of her likes/dislikes and whatnot. I haven't attempted it but I don't see why it would be too terribly different than meeting up with anyone else. Just make your intentions loud and clear, so there's no confusion later on.

I'm bisexual and I've been with a girl. Before I met her I tried online dating sites but they were a disaster. For some reason I've just had a lot of bad luck with girls. They seem more distant and hard to read than men. I've been told that I'm too outgoing and that some girls are just quiet and reserved or shy. I've tried putting them at their ease but it never worked out online. I ultimately got together with a girl I met in person, the old fashioned way. It still took a long time to figure out what she was about and where she wanted things to go. Even now I sometimes find her hard to read. It's not like it looks in porn. Trust me, that stuff is pure fantasy and paid actors who don't have to do the dance in order to get close to someone. They just get naked and do the deed. If you want to have sex with a girl, be patient and get ready for an uphill climb. Whether or not it's worth it is up to you.

online sex isn't sex, it's masturbation (or not)
i liked what GuppyGirl said, it's not like you read in books, or magazines or see online - real life is a little messy and very tricky
if it's just sex for sex sake, just to brag you did it, you'll find someone like yourself no doubt, but if you don't have a connection, even just chatting in the pub before hand, the experience will be less than it could, I'm not saying you have to be "in love" or "in a relationship" but having a human connection will enhance most experiences


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