SURVEY!!!When did you loose your virginity and gave your first bj???

I'm 14 never givin a bj and never had sex. PLEASE share your first time giving a bj and having sex!
I really want to know to give me a perspective on mine,thanks!!!

18. and 20. You have lots of time. Don't be too eager to do anything until you are absolutely ready. And make sure it's with someone special. Don't be just another notch on some guys belt.

You're 14 don't worry about not having done anything.?

I lost my virginity and gave my first blowjob when I was 15.
I know that's pretty young, and so is 14. So don't worry about not having done anything yet. It's really not a big deal and that kind of stuff doesn't matter in the real world outside of high school.

16 for blowjob and I'm still a virgin (17)

only a BJ once at 16 and that's all I've done.

14? What's the rush? I was nowhere near having sex at that age. You've got your whole life for that, enjoy what you have now. Once it's gone it's gone.?

BJ 15, had sex for the first time at 17


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