What's Your Favourite Sleep Wear?

I prefer to be au naturel in summer, flannel pj in winter.

Nothing. Sleeping naked since i was like 9 or 10.
Love the feeling!

I love sleeping nude or in just a tee

naked or undies in summer. sweatpants in the winter

Naked unless I'm on my period then just panties?

I use a big T shirt to sleep in, with panties once a month.....

I sleep nude and have done so since I was a teen. It's the most comfy way for me.

Everybody on this board says they sleep nude pretty much lol. I guess I am the oddball, I am only comfortable sleeping nude if I am sleeping with my boyfriend. Otherwise it depends if it is hot or cold, I get chilly easily and often wear PJ bottoms for that reason, but if it's warmer I have some PJ shorts. Either way I usually wear a t-shirt, I have a few t-shirts my brother outgrew that I use for this and of course no bra.

tee shirt, nothing else

T-shirt and panties... if I want to air out, I will wear shorts with no panties.

Nude or t-shirt and boxers

T-shirt and panties or nude if it's hot. Last night was unbearably hot?


So I guess you were naked last night lol

Indeed. It was relaxing?


long shirt and panties usually or boxers

Just ordinary cotton pajamas. Nothing too jaw-dropping here apparently. I have tried nude and it really is an amazing feeling. But my basics are just the aforementioned jammies.

I wear gym pants and a t-shirt.

A T-shirt and shorts.

Tee and a panty or may be camisole and panty or shorts

I wear an oversized t-shirt in the summer and flannel pj bottoms with a t-shirt in the winter.

T-shirt and panties in the summer, full pyjama in the winter

Simple -- Long Tee and undies for me.

I have a really huge, oversized shirt that comes down to my knees. I wear that and sometimes gym shorts.

Panties and bra

I sleep naked



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