What's Your Favourite Sleep Wear?

I prefer to be au naturel in summer, flannel pj in winter.

Nothing. Sleeping naked since i was like 9 or 10.
Love the feeling!

I love sleeping nude or in just a tee

naked or undies in summer. sweatpants in the winter

Naked unless I'm on my period then just panties?

I use a big T shirt to sleep in, with panties once a month.....

I sleep nude and have done so since I was a teen. It's the most comfy way for me.

Everybody on this board says they sleep nude pretty much lol. I guess I am the oddball, I am only comfortable sleeping nude if I am sleeping with my boyfriend. Otherwise it depends if it is hot or cold, I get chilly easily and often wear PJ bottoms for that reason, but if it's warmer I have some PJ shorts. Either way I usually wear a t-shirt, I have a few t-shirts my brother outgrew that I use for this and of course no bra.

tee shirt, nothing else

T-shirt and panties... if I want to air out, I will wear shorts with no panties.

Nude or t-shirt and boxers

T-shirt and panties or nude if it's hot. Last night was unbearably hot?


So I guess you were naked last night lol

Indeed. It was relaxing?


long shirt and panties usually or boxers

Just ordinary cotton pajamas. Nothing too jaw-dropping here apparently. I have tried nude and it really is an amazing feeling. But my basics are just the aforementioned jammies.

I wear gym pants and a t-shirt.

A T-shirt and shorts.

Tee and a panty or may be camisole and panty or shorts

I wear an oversized t-shirt in the summer and flannel pj bottoms with a t-shirt in the winter.

T-shirt and panties in the summer, full pyjama in the winter

Simple -- Long Tee and undies for me.

I have a really huge, oversized shirt that comes down to my knees. I wear that and sometimes gym shorts.

Panties and bra

I sleep naked




Naked, unless it's that time of the month, then I wear a pair of panties. Always topless and barefoot

Sleeping naked when alone, I have three major hangups that prevent me from doing this lol. 1 it doesn't seem super clean, 2 I get cold very easily, 3 and most importantly, and I know this doesn't make a lot of sense, I feel a lot more vulnerable to being raped if somebody broke in. I am not saying that's a realistic fear or that underwear would even matter but it is enough to make me nervous and have trouble sleeping.

Sleeping with my BF, issue #2 goes away (he is a space heater) issue #3 goes away, and issue #1 I don't care for some reason lol. I am not saying it makes sense in reality but it makes sense in my head.

Anyway I don't have a sister but, I have cousins and friends, and have been involved in many sleepovers (me at their house or them at my house) and slumber parties, and currently I am in a college dorm suite with a roommate and four other suitemates so, I have seen what a lot of girls wear to bed at least in those situations, and none of them sleep naked. Suitemates are mainly underwear, t-shirts and possibly PJ bottoms. Sleepovers and slumber parties, the same stuff except PJs more common. Maybe they sleep naked when alone but don't want to do it around guests though.

T shirt and panties

It's almost May and i still havent slept in the nude once this year, :(

Night time temp is still too chilly, hopefully we'll get some warm nights in coming months.

The struggle of cold weather?


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