My GF cheated me

I'm going to break-up with my GF. We were living together for more than 1 year and she cheated on me. Isn't sharing password for social media accounts common between the lovers? But she didn't give her password to me. I didn't take that as a serious issue and never complained to her. Last day I caught her chatting flirtily with a guy. She was sending tons of kisses and heart. I was shocked to see her messages. When she came to know that I read her message, she ran to her room and closed her door. It seems like she is hiding something from me. It can be about her love towards that guy. I'm going to break up with her, block her in all my social accounts, start an account on a lesbian dating website and find a perfect partner for me. Am I overreacting? Might that guy be just a friend?

She is Bi, so she likes boys too. You should know that before being friends. And I think that sharing your Fb account with your friend is not a good idea. I had a bf and I do not wish he sees what I write , my private messages on fb.

It is not normal to share passwords to social media accounts. What purpose does that serve? Is it to console you when you aren't trusting your partner? That's pretty sad.
I think you should focus on yourself before moving onto another plaything.?


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