My controlling ex blocked me on Facebook randomly what does this mean?

So my ex and I had broken up about a week ago, he dumped me basically because I didn't obey (his word choice)him and would go out with my friends and some bull shit. As soon as he saw himself losing control that's when he left. I begged and pleaded with him to please just reconsider. ?And if you have ever been in a abusive relationship when they leave you is like one final slap to the face all mind games and bull shit no easy goodbye. I cut my losses and blocked his number. He called me on private the next day to see if he was blocked, I didn't say one word. So I started to start the process of moving on. Well, I hear from my best friend who's dating his best friend that he said we were really done etc couldn't do it anymore that I was blowing him up and he even went as far to say I didn't deserve anything from him. That hurt obviously but again I gave no reaction. So I started going out posting pictures on Facebook etc. I haven't said one word to him at all. Weird thing is we haven't been friends on Facebook in months and he randomly blocked me, it's like he went out of his way to do it. Is this some sort of way to get a reaction out of me?

Hey! I believe it's for good. Just forget him and move on. You deserve someone better.?


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