telling the parents

i been dating this guy for almost 3 years now and i havent told my mom and dad yet cause everytime i do i freeze and freak out and its one confortsation im scared to have with them we are in a long distance relationship and ive only met him once in person but back then we were friends keep in mind im 20 years old and scared to death to tell them right now im thinking of all the negitive stuff like what if they take away my only way to talk to him what if they dont approve what if they want me to end it i love this guy so much and i am scared to tell them any advice on this situation cause its nerve wracking please

I'm not sure what's to be gained by telling your parents, whereas you fear that the downside could be that they take away the only way you have of talking to him. It's a gamble you have to get right, and if you've not needed to take it for the last 3 years I wonder if it's worth the risk now. Without knowing your parents it's difficult to guess how they'd react....but why should they be interested in anyone you met once ....and when was that meeting anyway...years ago ? ?As to how much control you allow your parents to have over who you talk to, now that you're 20 years old....well that's for you to decide, but personally I wouldn't tolerate too much interference.

I think you should meet him once.?

We can only assume that Lorraine means 'Once more' or 'Once again'....although she doesn't give her reasons.


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