Need advice on what to do...

I have had this crush on this guy for a VERYY LONGG TIME..(4 years to be exact) and a few months ago he gave me his number so we could talk and play iMessage games. Well after awhile we stopped talk and eventually graduated, so I never saw him again ): until yesterday when out of the blue he texted me saying "oh hey what's up" and we started talking again...idk how I should take this, is this just him wanting something from me, to be friends or something? Should I just outright ask ? Help

I wouldn't ask outright, I'd just see how it plays out. Maybe he does want to chat again but if he asks you for something out of line then don't give it to him.

I think you should just wait and see how it goes.

Hi. I'm really confused about wht to do. Please help. So recently i saw this guy of a different race while i was going home. I knew him before as we both played bball but i dont think he knows me. And i just couldnt get him out of my mind since that day. Ive been thinking about him day and night. Wht sld i do? Why am i feeling this way?


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