what am i suppose to do?!

the guy i like has really bad mood swings and we hang out every day after school and i love him so much when he's happy beacuse he's flirty and kind and sweet but when he's in a bad mood he's passive agressive, mean and pushes me away and i know he doesn't mean to but this happenes like 3-4 times a day and I can't help him and it's always the days where I can't see him that he's in a great mood and it hurts me so much, what do i do?

I think that you should stop speaking to him altogether, this boy has no consideration for your feelings and is bullying you just because he is in a bad mood. A boy should be kind and considerate of your feelings and shouldn't take their moods out on you. You deserve someone so much better. I know its hard but when you have taken a step back you'll realise how toxic this person really is for you.?

You could tell him how you feel and see how he responds. If he continues behaving in this way, you're probably better off with someone else. But it could just be he's having a rough time and needs some support, and if you are able to give it to him, maybe it will help you both. Just keep in mind there's a line between using/mistreating you and stressing you out with his problems, and a deep functional relationship in which those problems can be addressed.


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