Does he just want to hook up?

On saturday i went to my friends party, this guy who is in my year kissed me and we started to make out. On Monday we decided to hang out which we went to lunch and then we decided to go for a drive. We got talking and he told me that he wasnt looking for a relationship because he just got out of one. He kept on asking if i was okay and he started to hug and tried to kiss me again. Does he like me just as a friend or more than a friend? I dont know whether I should leave him alone or try and start a relationship with him? He already knows I like him. I want to ask him to come bowling with me and a few others on sunday, should i do it?

Hi Mikala (my names also Michaela :) )

It does seem like he wants a hook up, since he said he's not looking for a relationship. Do you think he might be open to one in the near future? If he's not and wants one in the distant future you shouldn't wait for him. ?I think maybe you should invite him bowling, just so you can get to know each other a bit more and he might realise how much he likes you.?


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