Is he interested or not?

=15pxSo I met this guy on tinder we've been talking for about a month. he gave me his number and we have pretty good conversations but I'm always the one to text him first but he was the one to ask me out. We hung out yesterday it went very well we talked about interests and life. He was a gentleman as well he opened the door for me and walked me all the way to the train station and waited with me until my train came. We ended the night with a hug. I texted him a couple of hours later saying that I had a good time, it was really nice meeting him, and I definitely want to hang out again. He texted back saying he is definitely wants to hang out again and to let him know when. When talking to him I felt comfortable and I felt like I could talk to him for hours. He is pretty busy most of the time because of his job but he left early to come and meet me. But I'm starting to question is he just being a nice guy or is he really into me?


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