I'm 16, He's 19. We've been dating a year but his family still acts strange. HELP!

I've been dating this amazing guy for the last year, only issue is, he's 19 and I'm 16.
From the start of our relationship his parents have made it clear they don't agree with us dating.
Although, they often invite me out to lunch with their family or to do things, which makes me very confused.
When I'm at his house we MUST keep the door open if we're alone, which makes me feel quite uncomfortable but I can handle it.
In my country, if my boyfriend and I were to have sex it would be legal (although we haven't yet).

What makes me post this now rather than 6 months ago? A very awkward and embarrassing encounter with his dad.
I live in Australia, so it's currently winter. IT'S FREAKING COLD. The only person home was his brother so we had the door shut, but then his dad came home. We were lying in his bed together, with a computer. It was completely innocent, we were talking about Magic the Gathering. It's 100% clear that nothing sexual is going on. His dad does what I call the 'nervous parent knock' on the door and comes in, says hi and walks out. 5 minutes later he comes back and he's pretty mad. He says that what we're doing makes him uncomfortable, is wrong, that my boyfriend knows it's wrong and that he doesn't agree with it.

Now, I can understand it making him uncomfortable. That's fair enough, we've been over that with the whole 'leave the door open' thing. We should've left the door open, I take responsibility for screwing that bit up.?
What makes me confused and kind of upset is how he said he 'doesn't agree with it' and 'it's wrong'.?
We were lying in his bed because it was cold, talking about a freaking card game. Is that wrong because of the age difference?

He has two brothers and his oldest brother (20) has a girlfriend who lives with them.
They're constantly making jokes about how I'm so young, I'm also very short and look younger than my age so they make a lot
of jokes about that too.?
It's starting to get on my nerves.
I have the tendency to overthink things and get quite anxious, so I really don't feel welcomed or comfortable around his family, which leads to me being very quiet and visibly anxious, which his brothers also joke about.

Do I just have to wait until I'm 18 even though there's nothing legally wrong with us having sex??
We've been dating an entire YEAR and his parents still make us have the door open and freak out over us innocently lying in bed together in winter.?


I don't really know what to say it's a tough situation. But i would like to say you are handling the situation very well.
I can kind of/some what relate to his parents not approving the relationship because of the age difference.?

I don't know what you can really do? are you willing to wait another year??
Have you talked to your boyfriend about it? as well has your boyfriend talked to his parents about it?


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