Hormones and relarionships

Hi everyone, I am having some issues with my hormones I believe and am just wondering what your experiences have been so far. I have gone to a soft and have had some testing done, I'm waiting for the results which I will get in a week or so. I'm wondering if your hormones have ever effected your relationship? I am saying a perfect man, he treats me like a god and loves me unconditionally but lately I literally camt stand him, I don't want to kiss him, hug him, be near him I don't even want to be in the same room as him. Has this happened to anyone else? It always seems to be heightened a few days before my period and then the feeling just stays there so basically I get extra angry a week before my period and then because I've had those feelings they're still in my head they don't just go away so I just stay livid at him.. I am so close to breaking up with him but I'm just trying to hold out because I have results coming soon. I had to do the hormone test for almost 2-3 months so I have really been struggling sticking with him. I just feel like I want to be alone and single for a while but I don't know of it's the hormones or what. Wondering if anyone has experienced this, went to a doctor and got treatment and if it improved their relationship or not?? Thanks for reading!

That happened to me really bad with an ex I had. He was a big softie and very nice to me and I used to be so mean to him for absolutely no reason at all. We were totally fine for months and then boom I changed. I would be okay and then all of a sudden everything he did would annoy me to no end and I would get so mad and then even when I wasn't ugly at him I would think about all the stuff I got annoyed at or mad at and it didn't really make sense. Even thinking about It now I can't believe I got so different. Most of the things I freaked out over where no big deal at all. I ended up breaking up with him after about 4 months of it and shortly after we broke up I changed my birth control pills and it never happened again to me in another relationship. So I honestly don't know if it was the birth control that had me all out of whack but that is all I did different and I feel like it was probably what caused it. I even got back with him about 2 years later and I wasn't like that to him at all. Hopefully the test results will give you some answers because I've been through that and it sucks and it's terrible to not be yourself. I was never like that with another guy before or after him. I'm never mean and I do not get annoyed easily so it was so out of character for me and it came and went which was a good indicator it was hormonal for me, being that I was normal for days and then going nuts about everything the next week. I hope you get it worked out, and know you aren't alone it happens!


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