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My boyfriend's parents and i are in i guess you can say argument?My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years, and long story short I havent been a big fan of his mom at all, but always liked his dad however in April/May that dad said something very disrespectful and rude to me! and I was so upset that I told my boyfriend that I'm never going over to his house again because I am not comfortable being there and I pretty much hate his parents after the situatuion that happened between the dad and i.?So it's been about 3/4 Months that I haven't been there and their parents are confronting my boyfriend how they feel like I'm taking his son away from them. Because i don't come over to the house anymore.?My boyfriend understands that what happened wasn't right but they want to apologize for it. And honestly after 3 years of us being together they really crossed the line on the comment they said to me. I told my boyfriend that I'm not ready at all, and now he's kind of threathening me now that he won't be coming over to my house to hang out with me because he thinks it's "unfair and will make the situation worse" if he comes over.?I'm literally so lost, on what to do...I've talk to my mom about it because she and my dad had the same situation where my dad's family and my mom didn't get along.I'm very conflicted and i literally just have no one to talk to.?Should i just give up and give in to my boyfriend...or just keep staying away

Sounds like a really tough situation. I'm not sure what I would do in your shoes. I can't imagine being uncomfortable going there and being made to go. Maybe if you go there again things might be better now that you haven't been around for months. Maybe they have realized that if they are rude you won't take it and hopefully they don't do it anymore. I have had the same issues with my boyfriend's parents and it sucks. I usually stay away for a while when they upset me and then go back around them eventually, but it's endless because they continue to do the same stuff to us. They treat us differently then my boyfriend's sister and her boyfriend. They irritate me so bad but I do find that when I stay a way a while they are nicer to us for a little bit, but it doesn't fix the situation. If you haven't tried to it might be a good idea to sit down with them and tell them how you feel. Either they will except it and change or not, but at least you will know where you stand and your boyfriend will know you tried. I tried it and his mom flipped out on me so no guarantee what will happen! Good luck, I hope you work it out so that it's not an issue anymore!


Thanks girl, this really helps.. yeah i honestly don't know what to do I've talk to my mom about it and she thinks i should just stay away because it's stupid. my boyfriend's parents make it into such a big deal. And the fact that my boyfriend isn't going to come over to my house anymore because of this whole situation makes it more frustrating only because there's really no reason for him to not be coming over because he thinks it's unfair....?

Yeah, i don't think i would be sitting down and talking to them, they are very stubborn people. I've seen his other brother trying to talk to them about his girlfriend that they aren't really happy with and they haven't changed.?

But yes, the situation is really tough and I'm still not sure what to do but it's nice to know that someone else has dealt with the same thing as me.?

It's definitely a crappy spot to be in. I haven't figured out anything to remedy the situation and its been years of it. Sometimes I feel like his mom is out to get me lol. Your mom is right it is stupid that you even have to deal with that. It seems like his mom wants his attention on what she thinks is a problem and then she's getting her way if he's not coming over to your house anymore. I get it because my bf's parents are stubborn too and talking with them didn't work so we have stayed away a lot and then they started in with the same stuff about me keeping him from his family. We tried to work it out but it's pretty hard when you have people who feel like they haven't done anything wrong. We bring it up and they don't even let us say what we have to say they start screaming at us denying that they do what they do. But you definitely aren't alone, and I wish I had better info to give you on it as I'm in the same boat.


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