Is he playing mind games to control me?

so, I broke up with my boyfriend because he chose to do drugs over do something special for on an important day. And decided to go out drinking with my friends. While I'm out he starts calling me a cunt and bitch and telling me he won't get back with me and I tell him I could care less because all he cares about is drugs. So we don't speak until two days later because his grandma passed away, I told him I was sorry and if he needed me I was there. He tells me he doesn't care I lied to him about partying. So the next day he asks me to come and I do. And then for the next few days leading up to the funeral he purposely ignores my texts etc. ?then the night before the funeral he asks if I can spend the night with him and I say no I'm going to a flower garden and the mall with my friend he freaks out and tells me I do "these little things that make him like this" idk angry? Then I say maybe you should put some effort in our relationship and he goes rather not. I'm like you're unappreciative of things I do and you need to move on don't text me. He tells me if I show up he'll throw me out, wtf. Two hours later texts me and tells me he knows I was at a bar 4 nights ago and blocks my number. I have to literally text him off another number and ask if I'm coming he goes no you're a who're I don't want you there. You decide to leave me and party and drink while my grandmas dying. I know his ex told him that too I'm like why are you even talking to her? He's like I'm not. Straight up lie. So at this point I go insane because I bought new shoes and did everything I could to get off work for this funeral. He ignores me and we don't talk for two days. Come today I text him trying to talk he tells me I've betrayed him he wants this to be over and that I don't obey him. I do what I want. I ask if we can just talk and he says no later, ?and still doesn't text. I asked him for my clothes back and he says he tossed them a long time ago. And it's just the end of us this is how it has to be. Then I'm like ok I'm gone then I won't come back he then says "just need space" so I'm like ok. We haven't spoke, I'm guessing this is just another mind game.

Hey girl,?
You did everything you can to help him and clearly you and I know that he's just playing games.?
He's not in a very good state as you are saying that his grandma passed as well that he chose to do drugs over something special for an important day.?

he's just playing games because he doesn't know what he wants, when you know you deserve a lot better then this.?

Sounds exactly like what you asked, he's playing games and its never worth it. No good can come from that. I had an ex like that and it was exhausting trying to keep up with his moods and his games. I broke that off and was better off without that crap.


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