In my class last semester, this guy who sat beside me, who was cute, would put his arm around my shoulders and sometimes give me a shoulder massage, kind of being touchy but i didn t mind it. I messaged him a few weeks ago and asked him if he was going to these events and he said no, but i tried to encourage him to go cause it would be fun. We were talking about which classes we have this semester, i was telling him that it would be no fun if he wasn't there, but he told me his parents are kind of strict but not too much. He's always near, my bestfriend is in the same math class as him so we re down the same hall and he acts all shy around me. But now every time we see each other it s awkward but we still say hey and that to eachother in the hallway. But now that schools over, i've talked to him a little more and he recently commented on my account saying "hot 10/10 would recommend". I really like him and i want us to get closer, but i don t know what to do, any suggestions?

It sounds like he likes you, and maybe he's just too shy to take it farther. I have seen a few guys that were into me or my friends be exactly that way and not try to take things into their own hands and after the girls made the first move it was apparant that they were too shy or were worried about not being liked that way back. All of these shy guys I've seen were so happy the girls asked them out and I don't think they ever would have on their own. My boyfriend is super shy and after I made the first move he told me that he was too shy to ask me out and thought I was going to turn him down, so we can't always read the signals from other people correctly because I really liked h and he didn't have a clue. So if you really like him try talking to him more and see what happens and if you aren't too shy talk to him about it, ask him! Good luck, I hope it works out for you!


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