I'm not sure if I'm ready?

Hey, so basically I've been going out with a guy for 8months and its come up alot about sucking him off. At first I was up for it but now I'm not sure if I'm too young or I'll be making a huge mistake. I like this guy alot, I'ts just that if I back out now I'll look like a prude or somthing. Any advice? Thanks x

Well how old are you?

...13... It is young and ik it is but i guess oral is common as its easier and safer than sex so it seems to be more and more popular. If it helps im 14 in a month - im born in august so i am one of the youngest in my year.

Your young and there is plenty of time for you to experience sex, but never do anything you don't want to or are uncomfortable with, I do think that you are too young to start your sexual life, one thing you need to learn is that no matter what a guy tells you they are only interested in getting off, he Will not be the only boy you will date though out your single life, and once you start doing sexual acts and yes oral is sex, it will be hard to stop, and believe me after you give him oral he will tell everyone he knows that is what boys do. And you will be painted as the girl who gives head. Just tell him that your not ready yet, and if he gives you grief about it move on till you are ready.

I agree, I don't see an upside in this for you. What's he going to do for you first?

The fact that you're questioning this makes me believe that you're not ready. It doesn't matter how old you are, if you're not ready it's okay.

Agreed. You're too young in the first place, but no matter what age you are, if you feel uncomfortable, if you're not ready, don't do it. It's your body and your reputation, so don't do anything you don't want to.
Stay safe x


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