bff steals my crush

So I started uni recently and I met a guy over a friend and we became close friends and texted and hung out together almost every day. Short after that, we stopped texting and hanging as much as we used to.
We would only meet in a group of friends and that is it. As you may guess, I started to like him a lot. That situation was terrible for me and I got the lowest degree depression.(I must tell you that there was my best friend who went to uni in other city and her and my crush met at my birthday and the whole time I liked him her and I were arguing and haven't spoken for 2 months but in the beginning I told her I liked him, but not that much). I was obsessed with him. I would wait for him at the parking every morning before class and I remembered his schedule and phone number. After 4 months I decided that I was too obsessed with him and I need to stop it. I decided to confess my love to him by writting a letter. his answer was negative but we remained friends and hung in a group of friends. nobody knew about the letter and my confession. A month after that, my BFF and crush started texting without me knowing. and then one day my BFF texted me that he told her that I was in love with him and confessed to him. I was so angry with him because he promised he wouldn't tell anyone (he knew we were arguing the whole time). Then she came home during the holidays for 2 weeks and they met 3 times without me knowing. After the 3rd time my BFF told me they met and every time they kissed! I was furious and I cried day and night for a week. She told me that she started developing some feelings and she knew it will hurt me but she did it anyways because she put herself before me and she wasn't sorry at all. I couldn't believe that my best friend did it to me. I stopped talking to him and I hated him because this wasn't the first time he stood between me and her (he talked badly to me about her and talked badly to her about me). My BFF and I agreed to stop talking for a bit till the situation calms down. I told her that she hurt me very much and talked to her 3-4 times. I now talk to her although I don't trust her anymore and I don't tell her anything about my life and my ex crush and I don't talk at all. it has been 3 months after that happened and my BFF came home for summer and she stopped liking him and told him she doesn't like him anymore and now they agreed to be ?just friends but they haven't spoken for 2 weeks now. I really need your advice what to do in this situation because it still hurts my feelings although ?I don't like him anymore but the fact that my 2 close friends did this to me. Sorry for the length and thank you so much for the answer! Alexa

That's a tough one. It sucks when someone is supposed to be close to you and betrays you like that. I've had a friend that betrayed me in almost the same way and it took me a long time to let it go, although I never really got over it and I still don't trust her fully and its been a few years. If you are going to continue to be friends with her I would have a long talk with her about the whole situation and tell her that it hurt you really bad and how upset it made you and see what she has to say. I wouldn't want a guy to come between me and my friends so I wouldn't want that to happen and I wouldn't do that to my friends so I feel that if a friend does that to me then she doesn't value our friendship very much to throw it away for a guy. You should think about how much of a friend she has been to you and if you trust her not to do something to hurt you like that again before you let her back in your life. Good luck!!


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