Just Friends? Can't figure him out

I'll try to keep this short-ish: this guy and I worked together for a while. When I left to go back to school last August, not thinking anything of it, he kept texting multiple times a week. When I'd drive back to where I'm (it was a 12+hr drive) he'd check in to see where I was on the road, etc.

After I graduated and moved back to my home state, I noticed a change in his behavior. Met him for a drink one night, again, didn't think anything of it since I hadn't see a lot of people since the holidays. Most recently, I'll get texts from him throughout the day which he wouldn't do that when living out-of-state. He texts me EVERYDAY without fail/always looks at my snap story and added me on all other social media.

On Saturday, we went to a game - he asked if I'd go to one 6+ months ago - got to his house he already paid for the tickets and Lyft and wouldn't let me pay him for the ticket. Also, he tried paying for everything, which I had to tell the server to give me the check for the drinks. After the game, went to this bar and hung out for a while. Throughout the afternoon he'd refer to me as "dude" or talked about his ex. I'm confused! This to me came from nowhere, but am I a chicken to be upfront & ask if I'm right?

On this outting nothing happened which makes me think I'm reading into it too much.

Do you like this guy? He could have just been trying to play it off in the end as a no big deal kind of thing. Maybe he wasn't sure what you thought either?

I like talking to him, but I don't know him enough to like him more than a friend, does that make sense? To an extent I think I'm being picky because he's not my "type" at all which sounds awful of me.

Most guys will say, "hey wanna hang out at xyz" but not him nor has he explicitly stated it was a date, but the vibe I get says otherwise. He texted me asking if I could get off Monday asking if I could do something with him.

Is it just me, or does he sound like he texts too much? I wouldn't want a guy to know where I am at all hours of the day.. It does sound like he likes you, but it seems a bit intense.

That same thought has crossed my mind multiple times, it being too much texting, but then a friend of mine said different. I mean, I understand it when a lived one checks in during a long drive, but why would he care.

It isn't constant texting throughout the day, both my replies and his are usually 2hrs+ apart.

He flaked on the plans for today since he'd been working a ridiculous amount, he apologized, but I'm irritated I took off for nothing.


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