What do I do?

I've liked this guy Alex for ages and he's really sweet and friends with all the girls. I've only known him for 2 months or so closely but we're close. We flirt all the time but my friend who was mad at me was really snakey and told told him i liked him and i ask him what she said and he said "oh that you like me or something but i know that's not true." via text. So a few days later i text him and say can i call you? and he says Why? and i explained that it was what my 'friend' did because it involves him. and he says can you please just text me i'm eating dinner so i text back dont worry about it and he says nah please. I was going to tell him that i liked him and it was true so i say i dont know how to say it and he says just say please but i didnt reply. I can't tell if he likes me or not i think i'm friendzoned bc hes friends with all the girls but he's the type of guy that wouldn't ruin a friendship over it. Please leave suggestions of what i should do below!!


Maybe he wanted you to text because he knew what you were going to say and didn't want to do it over the phone. Maybe he was nervous. I know when I'm talking to people I would rather text then talk on the phone but that's just me. Maybe you should just try to talk to him face to face if you don't want to text. You will never know unless you go for it! It sounds like he wants to hear that you like him from you and not someone else. By him saying he knows it's not true that seems like he wanted to hear you say it yourself.


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