Should i break up with my boyfriends?!?

my boyfriends and i have been dating for almost 2 years, lately these past few months weve been going through a few rough oatches. its kind of a cycle where we get into this big dramatic messy fight and we almost break up, but at the end we come to our senses and rationally think things through. we stay together. these "fights" have been occurring more and more frequently. he tells me he wants to keep trying, he loves me and although hes unhappy he wants to keep trying because he believes well get back to how we used to be before. i dont want him to be with me if hes unhappy though. i keep thinking i should just end it so maybe both of us can end up happy. i dont want to lose him. any advice?

im sorry i meant boyfriend***

Why not try just being friends for a while. That was you don't lose him completely. If one of you finds someone else then you weren't meant to be. Having fights doesn't sound too good to me, sorry xo


Thank you for the advice <3

hey, this is was like me and my boyfriend for the first year of our relationship, fighting about little things that become major things and realizing that we want to work things out. Honestly it's not the greatest feeling thinking of just breaking up so it would be much easier because you want to but you also dont.?

ask yourself these questions??

do you really want this relationship to work out??
do you see a future??
how much are you willing to put into the relationship??

Honestly, what my boyfriend and i doing was go into couples theraphy it can be a bit pricey but it definatley helped a lot...i think we did about 3-4 sessions till we felt a bit more comfortable that we can work on the relationship alone. The biggest problem my boyfriend and I had was our honestly wasn't the best and we're still working on it. but the therapist did help give us some tips on how my boyfriend and i can comunicate with each other better/camly


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