texting back and mixed signals

I have been talking to this guy for around two months now. We talked every week and usually alternate who texts who first. We have made plans to hang out as soon as i got back to the city (since i was away for a couple of months) However as soon as i got back the texting slowed down and he never replied to my last text. I saw him and we talked ?in person and he did seem very nervous but the conversation was not awkward. He also never mentioned not texting me back when we were talking. Although he did ask what i was up to and what I was doing that evening. My question is, should i text him first even though he never responeded to my last text or do you think that would be annnoying? Do you think he is just nevous to progress things or do you think he might just be disinterested?

It could be either reason but it sounds like you are worried about it so maybe shoot him one more text and if he does not reply again at least you will know. I've had the same thing happen to me and when I tried to get a hold of him again he got right back to me. I felt the same way and didn't know what to do but I decided to send one more. It's weird he slowed down texting like that but with guys you never can tell.


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