Worth giving another chance?

I'm currently with my boyfriend for almost four years. All was going well until the summer of last year. He cheated on me with a girl he met while at AIT. She didn't know about me at the time because he convinced her that we broke up and that I was some crazy ex-girlfriend. I was out of state so I tried calling him and texting him when I saw Snapchats of them together. I had to call him multiple times until he picked up. I asked him what was going on with those Snapchats, and he told me they were just friends. I didn't buy it because there were also some strange subtweets he was tweeting about that wasn't referring to me but about some other girl. A couple of weeks went by and he was still a bit off. I finally built the courage to also confront the girl. She had absolutely no idea about me and she was sorry and would stop messing with him. She did. I showed him the conversation I had with her and he got mad and defensive and said I ruined a good "friendship". We then broke up. Since we broke up, she told me that my ex boyfriend was trying to get at her again because I wouldn't take him back. She didn't fall for his games again and stopped talking to him. About a month or two later, I started college. He drove an hour to visit me and to talk about the situation. I asked him if they ever had sex and he told me they didn't and swore. I believed him. He begged me to give him another chance while he visited, so I did. Things were a little rough, but I slowly started to trust him again. It wasn't until around late April where we had a little arguement. He made us have a week break from each other, so I decided to message the girl he cheated on me with since she knows how he is ( I ended up being good friends with her ). We we having a good conversation and a question pooped up, "did he tell you we never had sex?" My heart dropped, and I said yes. She told me that it was a lie and they've done it twice. I confronted him about it and he admitted to it. He said he was sorry and he was being stupid ( He was drinking a lot last year but he stopped ). I completely lost my trust, and told him to be truthful with me and to tell me if there is anything else I should know. He told me that was the only time and he would never do it again. He doesn't like thinking of the past and wants to move on from it but I can't. Sometimes I feel like she told me they've done it to ruin our relationship because why would she tell me a year later? Times are difficult and our relationship only got tough from that. He gave me a promise ring and everything and reassures me, he has his location on to prove he's not going anywhere suspicious and allows me to see his phone if I ever feel like something is wrong, but obviously I find nothing. I love him to death but I always think about the past and it's hard for me to move forward. Do you think the girl told me on purpose to ruin our relationship? Should I be more forgiving since it all happened a year ago? Should I be trusting? Again, I've almost been with him for four years and me means so much to me. I believe that he's sorry for what happened and that he's changing, but at the same time I'm scared it'll all happen all over again.?


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