Is he interested or is it just me? LONG POST, PLEASE BARE WITH ME!

Hi there!?
Okay so I know this might be a stupid thing to ask but I'm really confused so please bare with me!
Here's the thing: There's this guy from Uni, he's in a few classes with me; I met him around five months ago, but we only started talking a month later. We actually started talking because of a project out professor assigned, me and my friend needed two more people to work with and he was alone so he asked if he could join us and obviously I said yes; up to that moment, I barely knew his name.
After that we would only talk about this project or things about school, which I didn't really minded, I mean yes, he seemed like a great guy (and I have to say, veeeery attractive) but it was just that. I have to add that I'm quite shy around guys so I never dared to ask anything personal.
After that project we have worked together in another five assignments, most of those times it has been his (and his friend's) idea. Because of this, we have spent a lot of time together and well, I notice I was starting to like him and all after a while, but never thought he could like me back, at all. The thing is, around two weeks ago we were working on an essay with the to friends we always work with and I started laughing about something one of them said; now, I usually look down when I laugh, dunno why, but this time I looked up at one point and caught him smiling and staring at me; that same thing happened a couple more times that day and the next few days. Around four days ago we spent like two hours texting each other, mostly about school stuff but we would talk about other things from time to time; I'm telling you this because it was the first time we texted each other for so long. The next day we were presenting our project in front of the class and I would catch him smiling at me every now and then,sometimes he would look away and others he would just keep looking at me and smiling. Later that night he texted me and asked if we could study together for a test we had the next day and of course I accepted. So in the seven hours we spent together, we probably spent half of that time laughing and again, I cought him smiling and staring at times.

Okay so the thing is, I'm really confused. I've never been in a relationship and I never notice when someone likes me unless someone else tells me. He's also a couple years older than me so I dont know, maybe he sees me as a little girl or something, not sure if it's relevant.
SORRY for the long post!! so... What do you guys think?

This is so cute!!?
How many years of an age difference is there? If its only a couple, I really doubt he sees you as a little girl.

From all this, I'm getting the feeling that he likes you. Seven hour study session? Texting nonstop? Yep, these are all signs he wants to spend time with you!

Around three years older! Today he mentioned something about how all our classmates are still really inmature and they still are like babies since they just got out of HS, and when I told him that was my case too, he just laughed about it...
I just noticed I forgot to mention something, most of the times we talk about personal stuff it's just casual, he never really asks anything directly;although whenever I'm talking to one of our friends, if he wasn't in the conversation he would come over and practically ask me to start over! The thing is, I don't really know how he acts with other girls, which is the main reason I doubt...


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