Should I lie?

Alright, ladies, I have a problem.?

So, I'm 18, british and just finished college, and i plan to get a part time job for the summer. I've recently started talking to this guy and I think he's really cool. My problem is that I've never had a job before, but nearly everyone my age where i live does and it's considered more normal, even if it is just part time. I've been slightly judged in the past and I'm afraid that if I tell this guy that i don't have a job, he's going to judge me or think i'm weird or lazy.

So, my question is should i lie or tell the truth??

Not worth it, just say that you're looking for a job and ask if he has any suggestions? That seems equally un-lazy and you won't need to weave a tangled web and remember what you said to who when. JMO!

Hmm i guess you're right, it would be a lot of work to keep that up in the future. Thank you!

I agree with ShellyB. It seems a little silly to me to judge an 18 year old for never having had a job. If he judges you for that reason, is he really someone you want to pursue a relationship with? If it comes up, just tell him the truth, that you're looking for a job. I cannot imagine why he would have a problem with that.


Don't lie, lies get you in trouble later on.

18 doesn't seem too old? Some people don't get jobs till they finish college like 3 years later anyway? Especially if you don't have enough time for part time work?


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