Interested, shy, or uncomfortable?

Hello, so I have this dilemma I need advice with. I am a lesbian and theres this girl at work. One day I smiled at her ( just to be nice) and ever since then I noticed her looking at me more often than normal. As I walk by, she'll turn her head to follow me in her sights, plays in her hair, smiles at me every so often and stumples over her words when I try to talk to her. Seems interested. Here's where it gets confusing. When I walk into the break room sometimes, she immediately walks out (this happened more than once) I followed her on instagram and she didnt follow back. I even liked some of her pictures (recent ones) to get her attention some more. Nothing. Seems uninterested. Maybe she heard I was a lesbian, and took my smile as something more and is now trying to see how often I look at her. I look at her often because I can sense her looking at me, but as I look at her shes looking first !!. Im confused. I did unfollow her on instagram because if she is intimidated/ uncomfortable with the fact I like her I don't want to creep her out anymore. But if she is interested, I dont want to miss a chance. Whats your POV?

Hmm. That is a very interesting situation. Could it be that maybe she's uncertain of her own sexuality or inexperience and not sure how to respond? I'm not a lesbian so I can really only look at it from the outside.
If you work together, maybe just take some time and see what happens.

I wish I had some good advice for you. I do sympathise. Maybe just relax and be patient, see what happens.

thats an interesting standpoint, I havent thought about that honestly.. hmm..

Why not ask her why she didn't follow you on Insta? You might be able to work out if she likes you by the way she answers. But yeah if she doesn't answer at all I'd be thinking she probably doesn't and then I'd ignore her the same way she's doing to you.

Don't turn it into a game. Be cool, be open and approachable, observe, be patient, and see what happens.

I was going to ask her that last time I saw her jokingly, but the thing that stopped me was the awkwardness of our conversations with her stumpling over her words & it's like i need to pull teeth to talk to her. She could be nervous and hesitant, but if shes uncomfortable, I dont want to make her feel that way. That fear is just in my mind:( So I was just asking what other poeple thought ya know. Thank you both though, I appreciate it. Oh no, I have no intentions of turning it into a petty game.


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