Okay girls, do you agree with me or my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I agree on most things, especially on major issues, but we have a disagreement over something kind of silly. We're not fighting about it or anything. Far from it, but we do have opposite opinions and I would like to know if other girls agree with me, or with him.
We read this news story about this 12 year old boy who forced a female goat to perform oral sex on him. He stripped naked and went into the goat's pen. He forced his little boner into the goat's mouth hoping she would suck him. Instead, she started chewing on his dink and then bit it off and ate it,

They put the goat down which I think was unfair as it's not like she attacked the boy. His parents tried to sue the goat's owner.
The boy had been caught before doing sexual things with animals, and to a 3 year old girl.

My boyfriend thought it was right to put the goat down for biting the boys dink off, and that the farmer should pay his family.
While I'm not unsympathetic to people with mental illness, I think it was the boy's fault it happened. I also think he deserved it for being so perverted, and stupid.

And I'm sorry,? but I can't help but think it's funny! I mean what did the stupid, perverted boy think was going to happen when he stuck his wiener into the mouth of an animal that is known to try eating everything?!?!

I personally feel more sorry for the goat that was put down just because some little boy wanted his wiener sucked. I don't feel sorry for the boy at all.

So do you agree with my boyfriend, or with me?

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I agree with you. The incident wasn't the farmer or the goats fault, so why should they be held responsible and suffer consequences. The boy brought it on himself.

Would you also agree that there is a certain degree of justice in what happened to the boy given that he had sexually assaulted (that's what I see it as anyway) animals before, as well as a three year old girl?

Can you understand why I find it somewhat amusing what happened to the boy? I mean, the irony that the thing he used to assault and even hurt animals and a little girl is the very thing thing that was taken away from him, and in an appropriate way? That's how I see it anyway.

My sympathy for the mentally ill notwithstanding, I do not feel sorry for the boy.

Well I understand where you are coming from, but the boy is 12 years old and this will affect his entire life. It's hard for me to feel super sorry for him especially if he molested a smaller child but, how much can you really blame a 12 year old for anything and are lifelong consequences something to think is no big deal or even a good thing? I mean there's nothing anybody can do to fix it now and I agree it isn't the goat's fault or the goat's owner's fault but I can't feel happy that this 12 year old will (for example) never have kids and any major relationship or marriage will be drastically different because he did something stupid or bad at age 12.

@ ShellyB. Those are all fair and sound points, and if this had been a little kid I would feel precisely as you do.
But as part of my studies I have read about so many people who have committed appalling sexual crimes and hurt people in very horrific ways. In this case, we're not talking about some little child who didn't know better. I think at 12 years old, a person knows that putting parts of your body into an animal's mouth, especially one with teeth, is a bad idea and will almost certainly result in being bitten. In many cases, serial rapists, child rapists, and serial killers very often started out by harming, torturing and killing animals. This boy (an adolescent, not a little kid) probably suffered some mental illness, but that's a reason for his behaviour, not an excuse. What's more, he has sexually penetrated a 3 year old girl. There is no reason to believe that he was just going to stop.

If by having his dick eaten off by a goat he was forcibly and perversely assaulting means he lacks the means to rape any more animals OR little girls, and if it means he is institutionalised, which he should be and I'm sure he will be, then I think that is perfectly acceptable.

Lastly, I do not think that this boy was destined for a normal relationship or marriage. Given his track record of sexually assaulting animals (bizarre) AND very young girls (despicable), I think it's quite easy to predict that he would have continued this behaviour, and it probably would have become even more perverse and disturbing.

And yes, I do find it funny. A perverted boy who didn't care who or what he hurt so long as his disturbing urges were satisfied got his dink bit off by the very victim he was trying to rape. I call that ironic, karmic, and humourous.

At 12 I think kids know, or should know that this is a bad idea. However, at 12 I don't think kids understand the idea of PERMANENT consequences. And I don't know how much you can really hold a 12 year old responsible for anything. Also, who knows maybe he has been abused and he acts out because of that?? Don't they say that most abusers were abused?

Like I said I don't blame the goat, or the goat owner but I am just not happy that a 12 year old got mangled. Of course I would be even less happy if it happened to a nice kid who was minding his own business and this clearly isn't a situation like that but still, I wish he could have learned this lesson without permanent disfigurement.

Out of curiousity, and not at all to be antagonistic, would you feel differently had it been an adult male rather than a boy? This news story compelled me to do a bit of research, and there were several cases I found where men had all or part of their genitals removed/eaten as a result of sexual activity with animals.

I realise that associating an age with responsibility is somewhat arbitrary. I mean there are 12 year olds who possess the intellectual and developmental capacity to demonstrate that they know exactly what they're doing and what the results of their actions are. And then there are 16 year olds who are sufficiently lacking in both these areas to be held accountable for their actions. But the legal system (no matter what country one lives in) does set such an age.

If a 12 year old boy raped a girl, are you saying he would be too young to be held accountable? Even if he possessed no sense of empathy, the response of his victim would demonstrate that his actions were unwanted. A 12 year old understands the word "no" (heck, 2 year olds understand it's meaning), and if he continues on with his attack, that is a choice and it is a choice that doesn't require a very developed intellect, nor does it require a very advanced moral code.
Now I'm not saying the goat said no, but I do believe that what the boy did was purely the result of a choice on his part.

I of course have no idea if he was the victim of abuse, and you are right that many abusers were themselves victims of abuse. But in my studies, this is only true some of the time. Many people who went on to commit horrible crimes were never the victims of abuse. But your point is well taken.

"Out of curiousity, and not at all to be antagonistic, would you feel differently had it been an adult male rather than a boy?" ?YES I would feel very different about that. In fact I'd feel a little different for every year older he was. In other words I'd feel less sympathy for a 14 year old, and even less for a 16 year old. I would feel very little if any sympathy for an 18 year old.

As for a 12 year old raping a girl. Well for one thing raping a person is different than doing weird stuff with a goat. A girl who is saying no and trying to get away is not the same as a goat that's like "oh, what are you offering to feed me now?" However I am not saying, even with the goat that he shouldn't have been held accountable I am saying that permanent life-changing disfigurement isn't how I would prefer he were held accountable. I would have preferred, for example if an adult saw him, told his parents and they put him in counseling. As for a 12 year old raping a girl. He would probably need to be in some kind of juvenile detention center to keep people safe. But I wouldn't want any body parts cut off and I wouldn't want him killed because I think a 12 year old has the realistic possibility of getting better and a realistic likelihood that he did something bad because he didn't have a good home life or parenting.

I do not think adult rules about accountability and punishment apply the same way to 12 year olds I just really don't think a 12 year old understands the concept of screwing up their life or someone else's life. JMO!!

You make some good points, and I certainly respect your opinion. I am quite certain my personal experience with sexual assault has affected my views on situations such as this.
To clarify, we do agree that the fault for what happened lays solely with the boy, but we disagree that he had it coming (if you'll pardon the pun)?

As I said earlier, this gave me cause to do some research and I found other cases where adult males were similarly maimed as a result of sexual activity with animals. One incident in which a man who had been imprisoned for bestiality as well as child molestation had set up a camera to live stream his sodomising a goat for broadcast on a bestiality website he belonged to. He ironically exclaimed that the reason he liked sex with animals rather than women was that he could do whatever he wanted and "he didn't have to buy them dinner". I won't go into details here (the description was quite explicit including a monologue of him "sex talking" the goat on the video) but he ended up forcing his dick into the goat's mouth and at the point he began to ejaculate ... well...
In that case, I most definitely stand by what I said about deserving what he got, and I feel no sympathy for him at all.

It was a totally bizarre case, and while I have had to read and view some extremely strange things as part of my degree, this has to be the weirdest to date. I would post it here, but it's long and I don't think anyone here would appreciate reading it.

So again, I appreciate your opinion and discussing it with you.

Be well

I concur with you. The occurrence wasn't the rancher or the goats blame, so why should they be considered dependable and endure results. The kid brought it on himself.


Thank you for sharing your opinion.

Do you agree with me that the boy deserved it for being so perverted?

I know some probably think it makes me a bitch, but I can't help but feel a little amused by what happened to him. Amusingly ironic.

Agree with you

WTF?!?! So because some boy wanted his little weeny sucked, this goat got put down? Yet we're suppose to feel sorry for the boy? Screw him! Well I guess actually no one can now can they. :)
I don't feel sorry for this dirty boy one bit, and I'm glad the goat ate his little dick off! That's what he gets for assaulting a goat. That's what any guy who would rape an animal deserves! And who the hell sexually assaults an animal anyway?

Other than the poor innocent goat being put down, this made me laugh. HA!

I hope this stupid, perverted boy enjoys the rest of his life with no dick!

@ EmilyJane

Yes, this is pretty much exactly how I feel. If the goat had attacked the boy and bit off his dink, it might be mildly amusing in how unlikely it would be, but my sympathies would be totally with the boy in such a situation.
In this case though, it's all on the boy. Too bad for him.

Oh, and welcome to the site.

I can think of a certain pervy old dude here who I would be happy to hear got his little dick chewed off by an animal. ;)

LOL! I'm quite sure the goat would still be very hungry afterward.


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