Feeling disgusting!

I started chatting to a guy on Tinder tonight. I knew OF him from school, and he seemed really nice. He wanted to go for a drive and I thought it should be fine because I knew who he was and he'd have his daughters with him.
Well, the moment he stopped the car he tried to feel me up! I'm okay with kissing but I'm not a one night stand person at all. He kept feeling me up and I pushed his hand away, he'd laugh. He finally got the picture when I said I'm not comfortable with this and let alone your daughters sleeping in the back??
He finally dropped me off at home and turns out he'd deleted me off Snapchat and Tinder (totally fine, it clearly wasn't heading where he wanted it). But after some old fashion Facebook stalking I found out he's in a relationship?
I feel absolutely terrible, like sick to my stomach. I had no idea.?

I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Tinder isn't exactly the best place to meet guys with good intentions though.

I have made some good friends out of it, so they're not all terrible. I'll be much more careful.

Yeah I mean I know there's got to be some guys on there who aren't just looking to get laid. I would say just make sure your intentions are clear before meeting. I am sure you know this but Being secluded in the car with that guy could of ended really bad, you should always try to meet in a public place.

Well meeting on Tinder is - hmmmmm. But if you knew of him from HS and he had kids in the backseat I can see how you thought it would be safe and respectable. I wouldn't get in a car alone with a guy I didn't know pretty well though JMO.

I was platonically hanging out with a guy at a party who I guess had the wrong idea and kind of got on top of me and had his hands on me while I was saying "no, get off" stuff like that and like your situation, he laughed and I guess thought I was playing hard to get. I was pretty mad and tried to get away but couldn't. He finally realized I was serious and stopped. Oddly nobody intervened or even acted like they noticed!! And we were in the middle of a party. My girlfriends teased me about it later!! And some other similar situations but that was the worst. You are right it did make me feel disgusting or something like that, I wanted to disappear. I guess it can be confusing for guys sometimes because I don't know about you but, when I am into the guy I do want him to take the initiative on stuff like that, but the guy has to be able to tell whether or not I am into him vs just being friendly or polite. It's not like "feel me up and I'll say if I like you" it's "if I say I like you, we can take it from there" although even then, being groped in public is not what I'm after lol.

How do you not know that Tinder is basically just a hookup app?? I thought this was common knowledge...

ikr!! It's like somebody saying they met in a strip club lol. But knowing him a little in HS and his daughters in the back would make it seem safer to be fair.

Still think that Tinder isn't really a "friendship only" sort of place. Most people I know who use it are looking for some sort of a hookup.


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