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Got a question..My bf and I ?live in separate states. He has kids with his ex girlfriend. They lived together twice and things didn't work out. She cheated on him. She is living with her ex hubby now. She doesn't work and told my bf that they are having money issues. I snooped and found that they went to dinner after they got their son off to a dance. It was only an hour. She wrote thanks for dinner. He wrote my pleasure, I enjoyed it. Then their son was going to a baseball tourney out of state. He asked if she was going. She said she couldn't afford it. He wrote are you sure? I was looking forward to seeing you walk around much do you have? She promptly wrote back I don't have the money. He told me has been stressing about money lately and seems to avoid me but I did end up on the trip with him. That's where he caught me snooping. He said he was joking around about the text and he would never get back with her. We have been together 1 1/2 years. ?Your thoughts....

All possibilities can occur. He could have said it because he really could not go back to his ex or it could be just to calm you down ...

It's hard to tell if hes being honest in this situation. He could easily be lying...or he could easily be telling you the truth. Obviously, if they have kids together, they have to be in some kind of contact, but dinners out together...not cool. If he bought her a ticket so she could see thier son play, then I would say congratulations, because you've got yourself a very nice man. But if he bought her a ticket so he could see her and spend time with her...definitely not okay. I grew up in a split family, and my parents NEVER spoke to each other. It was miserable for me, I was always expected to choose between them. Don't get mad at him for speaking to her about their kids, but get mad if he starts speaking to her for any other reason. Keep an eye on him, and don't let him guilt you into thinking you're wrong for snooping on him. If he usues the excuse, "But you should just trust me" then I would say don't trust him. If he really had nothing to hide, he wouldn't make a big deal about you looking through his stuff. I hope it all turns out okay!

Eh , idk . I'm only 17 I would NEVER be with someone who has kids with someone else . Cause they always gonna have attachments to each other . But if they're going out to dinner together .... I wouldn't like that . I think you should keep an eye on him cause knowing that he has kids with her and seeing her often as he does he could still have feelings for her. So I would just keep an eye out and keep your guard up?

Listen... he lied to you. He crossed too many lines. You're his gf... he shouldn't be taking another woman out to eat... their relationship should be strictly about the kids. You guys are living in different states, so it's easy for him to do what he want. Know your worth
Don't settle. And don't allow no man to play you. EVER!

If he didn't tell you about it then there was a reason, there were romantic feelings involved. Leave him

I think it's not okay for him to have taken her out to dinner. he should not be hanging out with her like that at all. That seems strange and if he hid it, then it's an even bigger problem. I can see texting about the kids but other then that no way! If he wants to joke around tell him his ex isn't the one to joke with.


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