Awkward situation with BF's dad

I am 20 my BF is 22, he has a job and recently moved into an apartment. It has a gym. So I was over hanging out, I used the treadmill at the gym, then took a shower at his apartment. I came out of the shower and walked toward where I thought he was in the kitchen to ask him something (I realized time was tight to meet some friends we'd talked about meeting). I was wearing underwear, flip-flops and a t-shirt and carrying a towel I was using to help dry my hair. The bathroom is down a hall, you exit the hall in between a living room and kitchen with a bar (countertop) between them. I walked from the hall looking into the kitchen and asking him if he still wanted to meet our friends. He was facing the cabinet putting some bowls on a high shelf. Somebody behind me cleared his throat. I turned and his dad was there on the couch. I turned red and ran down the hall. I hid a while, my BF eventually knocked on the bathroom door and told me his dad was gone. He'd been there dropping off some stuff.

At least I wasn't actually naked, he just saw underwear butt and leg. (And no makeup and messy wet hair and wearing my dumb brother's dumb punk rock tshirt but I can live with that.) As far as actual physical exposure plenty of people have seen me in swimsuits that I guess were equally revealing but, that's still a little different as far as perception I think.

My BF has teased me about it now several times but he insists his dad hasn't said a thing. But I'm kind of paranoid about it now, mainly because it probably looked to his dad like our relationship is sexual, which of course it is but still that's not something I'd want to throw in his parents face. Also I would just rather not be seen that way by him I don't want that image in his head. My big fear is that he tells ?his wife (my BF's mom) that I'm a slut and they start pushing against me. They've loved me so far and I don't want to ruin that.

I am not sure what I'm asking just, in general any advice? Should I try to make a joke out of it? Do you think the dad told the mom??


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