Hot and cold

I get hot and cold with him all the time. ?He's worked there for a few years and has always done morning shift and I do nights. He trained me to become a floor manager. He always seemed to have a little attraction towards me but because we work together he's never done anything.?

A few weeks ago he went away & ?he called me at 4am to chat. He pretended it was because he wanted to talk about work, but he kept me for 30 minutes talking. He asked me if I liked him and I didn't respond then I said it's not like anything can happen... He said he misses me and he likes talking to me. He used to call me every couple of nights to tell me that he missed me and to just talk but recently he's been rude to me at work. I recently confronted him about it and he said that he didn't think he was being harsh on me... and me telling him that makes him think he's only being mean to me.?

I've only worked with him once since confronting him and he was so nice to me. He was really sweet and it felt like how it used to be when we worked together. After work he texted me and he said I seemed happier. During the day before I showed up for work he sent me pictures of my desk with a frowny face emoji since I wasn't there. Since then we will talk at night before he falls asleep (from like 10pm to 12am). ?However during the day we don't talk. If I text him about a generic work-related thing he barely responds most of the time and his replies make me think I'm annoying him.?

What should I think of this? He talks about other women that he finds attractive and I've known him through a couple of different relationships. There's a new girl we work with that he's told me he finds attractive but she has a BF. Does he like me or is he just playing me?


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