I'm back again already for people's thoughts because I overthink things!
So I went on a date and I assumed it went well, he still chats to me and added me on Facebook after.
Anyway, we had spoken about catching up again sometime but never planned anything.
I sent him a photo of a place he was talking about but couldn't remember the name. I said to him "do you want to go?" And he said "I was thinking more summer time so I can go for a swim..." and that's where the conversation ended.
Should I take that as a 'we won't be hanging out again' or just not think about it too much?
I don't want to look like an idiot and suggest something else now in case that was his way of saying no.

Maybe call him?
Or Facebook message him and say Hi.
If a conversation stalls and dies, start up a new one with a simple lead in, like "Hi. How's it going?"

If you tend to overthink things. Well that's a whole different topic on how to deal with that.

You deal with that by going to a Yoga class, or a Qi-Gong class, or Tai-Chi, or just practice some Mindfulness Meditation. (Try the "Headspace" app, or any guided meditation app. For the "Headspace" app, watch the annimated video at the beginning of the first 10 odd numbered guided meditations.)

(If you want some science behind this Mindfulness training the mind stuff, you can research "Polyvagal Theory", or "Sympathetic Nervous System" vs. "Parasympathetic Nervous System". MRI scans show Mindfulness training strengthens activity in the Nucleus Accumbens part of the brain, which gives us more control over how we react, if we react reationally or emotionally to a situation. Beyond that, I actually have no idea what I'm talking about, and these are all just very long big words I read in a book, but it sure sounds cool doesn't it?)

The real proof is you try practicing the MIndfulness exercises for a couple months, and discover your dating life brightens up and becomes much easier. It's worth a try!

Best wishes!

(Of course he likes you! Men are wired to like women. If he's talking to you at all, he likes you!)

Thanks for your reply!
I have tried meditation it does work. I should keep practicing.

Well my answer isn't as mature or philosophical lol. But, I think the ball is in his court, in fact I think you've got above and beyond, I don't think he wants to start a relationship with you right now. There could be many reasons for that but unfortunately I think that is where things stand from what you said. JMO and good luck!

I'm not sure, he's very flirty so it's hard to read the situation at times. I'm probably hard to read as well, so it won't be helping the situation. I just have to wait it out I guess! just means what he said...go in the summer time.? In the meantime, ask him to go some place else with you.


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