We met on Instagram..Was it me?

So I met this guy on instagram a few weeks ago and we were talking pretty seriously for the first 3 weeks. We would call eachother everyday and even text all night.We were exchanging pics and even had phone sex one night, we were really excited to be talking to eachother. Everything was great at first but things started change and not for good. He started calling less and less and would be too busy with his homeboys to come meet me for the first time. I got tired of this pretty quickly and directed my attention to other potential men. He got very jelouse when he would see me post about being appreciated by other men and started to do better so I decided to give him another chance. Everything was fine and he even asked me to be his gf the day we were gonna meet for the first time in person. I said yes and we talked all day until he came to pick me up and go to this park I liked. We get there and we park up by the lake and just talk all night in between kissing and playing music and flirting . It got a little steamy when he asked to see my nipple piercings and I let him suck on them as much as he wanted. Afterwards he told me that I had gotten him hard and that a good gf would handle that. I declined and told him that I dont give head on the first date and that this wasnt even my ideal first date we were just meeting up. Of course he was a little salty but we kissed and talked until it was time for me to go home.He dropped me off and we kissed before he drove off. Hours went by with no word from him so I decided to go to bed. The next morning I saw that he had blocked me on snapchat as well as instagram so I decided to text him and call him but got no response. Its been about 5 days now and I dont know what to do because this is new to me and I am trying not to get stressed. I dont understand why this is happening.. the chemistry was great we were looking eachother in the eyes and he loved the way i looked in my outfit , my hair and makeup .. everything.

Then this is all his loss, not at all your fault! Any guy who does not respect you (this does include ignoring you after not getting what he wants) is not worth your time. Go have fun! You are not at all in the wrong here, plenty of fish in the sea, girl!

This is just a guess, but I am assuming he was planning on hooking up. So when you made it apparent that you weren't going to do just hook up with him he's decided to move along.

Thanks loves i deleted any trace of him in my life so he cant have the opportunity to come back. On to the next

I think he was just playing you for sex, better off without him....


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